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Nissan Diesel America (NDA) was founded by Nissan Diesel Motor Company in February 1984.
NDA’s headquarters was established in Irving, Texas.


UD Trucks have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, dependability and durability.  The “UD” trademark, which originally stood for “Uniflow Diesel”, taking its name from Nissan Diesel’s successful Uniflow Scavenging Diesel engine, became known over the years to mean “Ultimate Dependability.”  To benefit our company and our dealers, a campaign has been initiated to establish our own distinguishable corporate identity as UD Trucks.  The UD symbol is prominently displayed on the chassis and in all advertising and literature.  Just like other great symbols in business such as IBM, 3M and USX, UD will become a recognized leader in the U.S. truck industry.


Three years of research preceded the arrival of the first UD Trucks in the United States.  Technical issues concerning EPA certification and federal safety standards were addressed.  Competitive product studies were completed, and test marketing was conducted with several customers.


During the same period, NDA purchased land and a building for its corporate headquarters and parts facilities in Irving, Texas.  Personnel recruiting started in June 1985 to staff the home office and field organizations.


The first UD Trucks marketed in the U.S. were the Class 7, CP Series (CPB12 and CPC12).  The first shipment of UD Trucks arrived in the U.S. in June 1985 at the port of Jacksonville, Florida.


NDA decided to enter the U.S. market with the Class 7, CP Series because it was well suited to the U.S. market.  Research showed that the Class 7 market was growing at that time due to  the changing U.S. economy.  These changes included a shift from heavy manufacturing to a service base, changing distribution methods and increased importance of “just-in-time” inventory control systems.  The CPB12 and CPC12 were  the right trucks for the U.S. Class 7 market.


To supplement the Class 7 products, three additional trucks were introduced in 1986 — the Class 5, CMA83; Class 6, CLA83; and Class 7 tractor, CPC12T.


In 1988, Marubeni Corporation, a large Japanese trading company, invested in Nissan Diesel America.  Marubeni conducts business in many different markets such as lumber, automobiles, construction equipment, hydroelectric projects and trucks.  The partnership of Nissan Diesel Motor Company and Marubeni strengthened the position of UD Trucks North America in the United States.


For the 1989 model year, the model designations of all UD Trucks in the U.S. were changed.  The new nomenclature promotes the "UD" trademark and identifies the approximate gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).  The CMA83 is now the UD1800, with a GVWR of approximately 18,000 pounds.  The UD3300 has a GVWR of approximately 32,900 pounds.


In the 1989 model year, Nissan Diesel America also added three new truck models — two medium-duty trucks, the UD2600 and UD2800, and a light-duty Class 3 chassis, the UD1100.


For the 1990 model year, NDA added another Class 6 chassis–the UD2300 with a GVWR of 22,500 pounds.  Several new wheelbase options were also added.  A key improvement on 1990 medium-duty chassis was the inclusion of an air dryer as standard equipment.


The 1992 model year for UD Trucks represented the most changes of any prior model year.  Models were added including the UD1200 and the UD3000SD, as well as new powertrains.  All the medium-duty engines were intercooled providing additional performance.  The 1992 product line had 10 models ranging from 13,000 to 32,900 pounds GVWR.


The 1994 model year introduced UD Trucks first entry into the Class 4 market, the UD1400.  There were major changes, including a completely new cab, for the light-duty UD market.  The Class 4 market represented one of the only GVW classifications growing at the time of introduction.


The 1995 model year represented drastic changes to the medium-duty product line since UD Trucks were introduced to the U.S. market. A totally new cab, which was given the prestigious “Good Design Award” by Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry, is the highlight of the 1995 medium-duty product line. 


With the introduction of the 1999MY, Nissan Diesel America offered 10 different models ranging from the new UD1200, Class 3 truck to the reintroduced UD3300, heavy Class 7 truck.  New engines, new models and new specifications put UD Trucks above and beyond the competition.


In 2002 UD Trucks was awarded the ranking of Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Owners of Cab-over Medium Duty Trucks by the 2001 J.D. Power and Associates Medium Duty Customer Satisfaction Study. This is the third time that UD Trucks had received an award from J.D. Power and Associates.


For the 2005MY, the UD1200 was replaced by the upgraded UD1300 and the UD1800CS was completely redesigned to incorporate a short BBC version of the medium duty cab used on UD1800HD and larger vehicles.  The MD175 and MD230 engine families were introduced, offering electronic common rail fuel systems, variable nozzle turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation technology, enabling these engines to meet the 2004 Federal Emmissions Standard.


The 2006MY brought the introduction of the UD3300 with an optional automatic transmission.


Starting with the 2008 model year (2007EPA) UD Trucks introduced “diesel particulate reduction” technology in conjunction with engine controlled oxidation or “regeneration” of the particulate content. The regeneration eliminates the need to change or regularly service the diesel particulate filter (DPF). 


Effective on March 31, 2007, Nissan Diesel Motor Company became a 100% subsidiary of AB Volvo.


Nissan Diesel Motor Company continues to provide leading edge technology to customers. The test facility in Motegi, Japan represents one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world.  As a result of the work done at this facility more than 500 alternative fuel vehicles have been placed into service.


Effective February 1, 2010, Nissan Diesel Motor Company announced its name change to UD Trucks Corporation. Building on the UD Trucks image that is marketed worldwide, Nissan Diesel America, following the lead from Japan, announced its name change to UD Trucks North America effective May 1, 2010 and relocated its Sales and Marketing department to Greensboro, NC on January 3, 2011.


UD Trucks Corporation has a comprehensive product line that includes trucks from Class 5 through heavy-duty Class 8.  The product line also includes special vehicles such as crane carriers, buses and off-road equipment.  UDNA will continue to consider changing markets when planning the UD Trucks product line. 


Currently, UD Trucks are marketed around the world.


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