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The Highest Standards in the World

UD Trucks North America is your best choice in medium-duty commercial trucks. The UD Trucks name means quality. Our full line of Diesel powered medium-duty trucks incorporate a simple design philosophy: Give owners a truck they can trust. This section will show you how this philosophy and our strengths and expertise make our trucks the best on the market.

UD Trucks have become the chassis of choice for many applications: refrigerated goods, towing and recovery, fuel oil, construction, building supply, air cargo, refuse/recycling, beverage, landscape and nursery, as well as P&D. Regardless of the application, UD Trucks operate dependably from coast to coast.

UD Trucks attract customers seeking a new standard of maneuverability, comfort, durability and performance. Just as important, UD Trucks supports its products with a comprehensive parts and service system. To meet provider and customer needs, UD Trucks North America has a centralized Parts Distribution Center in for quick and dependable service. Extensive service training is made available to each provider to ensure that technicians know how to properly service the full line of UD Trucks.

UD customers are choosing the best-built medium-duty trucks in the world. Trucks that reflect precise, integrated engineering and manufacturing, exceptionally low maintenance and dependable performance plus the maneuverability that improves productivity, and the reliability that keeps a business on the move. UD Trucks--with comfortable and functional cabs that drivers can operate effectively with design and construction focused on rugged performance, and the quality and workmanship that meet the American standard, the highest standard in the world.

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